Where are your sponges made?
Our sponges are made in the United States from globally sourced materials.

What materials are your sponges made from?
The UpSponge is made of 3 key materials. The soft sponge portion of the UpSponge is made from cellulose sponges similar to what you may currently use. The scour pad side that you scrub with is made of non-woven fiber.  The suction component is made of silicone.

What is the suction cup made out of?
The suction cup is made out of silicone which is non-stick/non-scratch material. The center of your scour pad will nearly always be clean!

Does the suction cup get in the way of cleaning?
We believe on the contrary. The silicone actually helps in cleaning and will make sure the center of your scour pad is always clean. 

What do I do with the Suction Cup when I'm done with the sponge?
Simply twist left and pull and save them. They can be used with future sponge re-orders but they are also fun for little crafts around the home. Try making an UpPlush for your kids. We are also working on putting together a silicone recycling program as well. In the future we hope you can send any worn or broke suction cups back and find a way to reuse or repurpose the material.

Does UpSponge come in different colors and strength?
We are currently launching the UpSponge Original with the Blue non-scratch scour pad. We plan on launching a heavy duty green and light duty pink in the future. We are also working on sourcing fully natural options and potentially alternative sponge materials in the future.

Why did you choose green for the suction cup?
By making the suction cup bright green it would remind you that it is reusable! Please remove your UpCups and save to reuse/

What is the deal with the tube packaging?
Given we are unique with our circular shape we wanted to do something a little different in our packaging. Our packaging should work well in the mail and also they are great to reuse for storing all kinds of things from coins, paper clips, toy cars, figurines, or sending something to someone else.

Will you offer other shape sponges in the future?
With release of the UpSponge we wanted to do something a little different and went with the round sponge for a number of reasons. We do have plans for a rectangular sponge and potentially other shapes further in the future.

Does the suction cup detach from the sponge?
The Suction Cup is designed to be a part of the sponge but is detachable if you prefer cleaning without it or when the sponge is worn to reuse. If you need to replace the UpCup (suction cup screw) or want to remove for whatever reason, simply turn left and pull.

Where will I find UpSponge in the future?
UpSponge is the first product in what we hope to be many more products. We hope you will be finding us everywhere from your favorite specialty retail stores, home shopping channels and your everyday grocery and pharmacy stores. We are working on developing relationships now and will keep you posted as our distribution channels grow. 

How should I use and care for my sponge?
You should always rinse and squeeze your sponge before use. Test scrubbing and storage feature first on an inconspicuous area and allow to dry to verify no surface damage. Do not use to clean stainless steel appliances. Not for aquarium use. To store the sponge in between usage, press scour side towards the sink. To remove the sponge squeeze and pull. Suction cup component may detach from sponge when strong suction seal is created or when sponge is worn and should be replaced. To reinstall suction cup, hold damp sponge firmly, push and twist suction cup to the right until tight. To remove the suction cup, hold damp sponge firmly and twist suction cup left and pull.

What type of sinks will UpSponge work with?
UpSponge will attach to most stainless steel and porcelain sinks and most non-porous surfaces. We recommend cleaning your sink surface prior to first use and regularly thereafter. UpSponge is a new product and has had limited consumer testing and you use at your own risk.

Why don't you have a suction cup on the spongey side?
While we considered having the suction cup on the sponge side, or both sides, we found it made most sense to be on the tougher scour side as the silicone can actually help in the rougher cleaning and various other reasons related to use. Additionally for air drying, the cellulose is the portion that takes the longest to dry and thus should be faced outward to get maximum air exposure.

What kind of testing has UpSponge undergone?
UpSponge is a new product and has had limited consumer testing and you use at your own risk. We recommend testing the storage feature in an inconspicuous area and observe the surface you attach to regularly. Cease use immediately if you have any concerns.